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How Dunkin’ Brands Created a Diverse Innovation Team

Understanding the key to finding the next growth opportunity for your company means you need to start with the right people. However; knowing how to build an inclusive team that best represents your customer takes time, energy and expertise. As the Vice President, Brand & Culinary Innovation at Dunkin' Brands, Dan has world class teams creating breakthrough innovation. But how did he do it?

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How to Create a Built to Last Innovation Program in the Enterprise

In the latest episode, Dan shares his expertise in answering the following key questions when it comes to creating breakthrough initiatives and launching and innovation center in large, successful insurance companies:

How do YOU get started with a new innovation center?
What are some key aspects of launching an innovation center?
How do you balance stakeholders and grow the program in a sustainable way?
How do you break through internal political barriers?
How do you build internal policies critical to the long term survival of the Innovation center?

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Breaking Down Barriers: Key Areas for Growth in Healthcare

In this week’s podcast, Roy Rosin demystifies barriers to growth and how key behaviors can break down these barriers in large, successful healthcare companies.

As Chief Innovation Officer for Penn Medicine, he shares unique insights about his role in creating and inspiring recent initiatives such as Heart-Safe Motherhood program resulting in significant impact across the company.

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