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Lessons Learned Doing Mergers & Acquisitions

Usually we're focused on helping you create innovation from within, yet M&A’s play an integral role in a well rounded innovation strategy.

In today’s podcast episode we’re excited to switch things up and focus on lessons learned doing mergers & acquisitions.

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The Interpersonal Side of Innovation with Tony Cooper and Kyle McCray

When trying to transform organizations to become more innovative, it’s easy to forget about the interpersonal side and get caught up in the process.

In today’s episode we dive into just that: how can you better understand your colleagues’ preferred styles of communication and leadership, so you can work together in a way that they’ll be most receptive.

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Best of 2016

Today’s episode may be our best one yet (and no, I don’t say that every time).

In this episode, we go through some of the most powerful snippets from all of our podcasts in 2016. In it we have clips from the Operations Lead at Spotify, an Innovation Leader at Intuit and much more.

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